2018 FNC ENGINEERING LTD OUR KEY ASSETS  The Company believe that human resource is its greatest asset. Therefore, we continually develop deliberate policies to provide them with any training necessary and whenever possible, this is for the betterment of the organisation and each individual's career. Furthermore, we try to retain our work force as much as possible by keeping them motivated so that we benefit from their vast skills and capabilities to the maximum levels that can be attained. OUR VALUES  We maintain the highest  ethical standard, honesty  reputation and soundness of  business practices within the  company in everything we do. We build our employers self-  esteem by empowering them  with responsibilities and  enhancing sharing of ideas  through team work. We accommodate all people for the success of the project, and  these people being the project  stakeholders as either clients or  end users/customers. We are committed to provide a  risk free working environment for  both our employees and other  stakeholders. We are ever embracing new  technologies the construction  industry is offering, and have  deliberate policies to facilitate  training for our personnel. We adhere to project  specifications and our values to attain a good quality product to the satisfaction of end users.