2018 FNC ENGINEERING LTD We offer a range of construction capabilities to service our clients and project managers. We strive to establish a rapport and an understanding with the client and project manager for successful completion of the project and satisfaction for the end user. The rapport brings out the anticipated project problems hence having more ample time to plan and make an informed decision on the way forward if the problem arises. Consequently, this enables the project to be completed in time. This company is collaborating with different stakeholders in the construction industry to foster its capacity. These stake  holders are; transporters, material suppliers and money lending institutions. We strive for good quality workmanship, which is boosted by the experience of our personnel working on our sites, since it is our good reputation that will make us competitive on the market. We are specialists in :- - Civil - Building - Fabrication - Irrigation - Water - Borehole Infrastructure - Sewage Disposal